How To Monetize Your Certificate

How To Monetize Your Certificate ?

Those who are lucky enough to have a fulfilling career enjoy having a great incentive to keep climbing the ladder and get there.

One way professionals choose to enhance their worth to the company is by earning certifications related to their field and industry. This choice grants them to stay current with industry trends, technology, and the constant change that’s continually evolving.

By remaining relevant and in sync, professionals are giving themselves the lottery ticket to advance their career and stand out in the face of competition. Managing your certification can be rewarding. After all, your learning journey provides an avenue to learn new skills that can help you pursue higher goals. But how can you earn from your certification? How can you maximize the value?

Below is the criteria used to land the best certification for career advancement:

1. Current employment trends

Stay up to date with new emerging employment trends to help you embrace new ways of thinking about the certification that will give you the push you need and differentiate you from other candidates. Some employment trends that have a huge impact and will continue to do so this year:

  • The focus on soft skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, creativity, communication skills etc cannot be compared to a degree, “they enable people to leverage their uniquely human capabilities – e.g. EI Certificate
  • The flexibility of working from home is becoming a norm. Technology, emails, conference calls, instant messaging etc. help professionals to stay in touch. – e.g. Tech certificate
  • Diversity for both businesses and employees – e.g. Inclusion Certificate
  • Implementing AI’s in recruiting to tailor applications to positions and make the process smoother – g. AI Certificate
  • Predictive analysis to understand performance, create feedback and refresh employees profiles – g. Analytics Certificate
  • Training programs to attract and retain top talents – e.g. Training Certificate

2. Academic reputation

University and institution rankings are very important factors to help you shortlist and gain additional information about the issuing body you’re already considering. Do your homework and research every single option you choose to identify leading institutions in a particular field depending on what’s most important to you. Review what they have to offer before you make a final decision

3. Career guidance from trusted voices in the field/industry

Talking with other professionals is your most guaranteed go to resource. Ask coworkers or others in the field what kind of certification they suggest pursuing. Start by talking to those who are in a position you aspire. They may hold certifications or be able to recommend some that could help you advance your career. They may advise you of where you can go to obtain the certification.

4. Career guidance from your employer

If you’re unsure of which certification will best support your career goals and advancement, talk to your boss. They may have some suggestions or guidance that give you the necessary skills to enhance your resume or even better position you. You never know, the company may even be willing to pay⁠ or provide a partial refund⁠ for your certification. There’s nothing better than “Keep it on the house” feels!

5. Statistical evidence of increased salary rates associated with certifications

Learn how much employees earn based on the certification they have received. Browse certification salaries, hourly pay, bonuses, and more from data provided by trusted platforms. Shop around and ask other professionals whether this certificate is worth it in terms of salary increase or bonus. At this point, its your call! 

Certification monetization can be challenging for professionals and deciding how to monetize it may feel overwhelming. Professional courses and certifications should dive into the concepts required to master your skills and bring real benefit to your career or business. At the end, being committed to your professional development is always attractive to employers, so be sure your certification choice demonstrates just how dedicated you are to your future and how unique you are with your package.