Diploma in Futuring

This Diploma in Futuring is created as a direct response to industry demand for professionals to engage in creative activities intended to produce visions of the future. It provides you with the art of creating solutions before needs arise. The courses can be taken anytime and anywhere, allowing you to gain an edge and compete confidently for your spot.
This Diploma involves pulling talents and teams together to ask compelling questions that can foster risk taking, stimulate learning, change and innovation. We can’t say with certainty what may the future look like for you? But, this diploma prepares you to find yourself a comfortable and successful place in the future.


How to get this diploma

You will receive this diploma certificate upon completion of four required courses (see courses below). Enroll in the individual courses and complete them at your own pace, anywhere and everywhere. The courses can be purchased separately and once all four courses are completed, you will be able to download the diploma certificate without any additional charges.

100% Online - 100% Self-paced

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